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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Closet? | Long Island | Nassau County | Suffolk County


Adding  closets on Long Island to a room or hallway in your home is a great way to increase the amount of usable space. Closets can help remove clutter that naturally accumulates in every room, making rooms seem magically larger. Reach In Closets can be surprisingly inexpensive to install, considering the amount of work sometimes needed. A closet can be added in at least one place in most rooms of the home.

When budgeting a closet, first consult with the contractor you are hiring to build it. They can provide valuable insight into proper placement to obtain the most space, as well as ide all possible placement options. After this is decided, you must consider the cost of various materials associated with construction. You will almost always need lumber to lay the frame for the closet itself as well as drywall to attach to it. You must also consider the ceiling and the floor when putting together an accurate assessment of material costs.

These costs can be decreased to some degree in a few different ways. The use of metal studs as opposed to wood is always preferable when framing. Not only are they cheaper materials, they are also lighter without sacrificing quality. Instead of using drywall for the walls, consider using prefabricated pieces of wooden paneling. Although not as sturdy as dry wall, they can serve the purpose for many closets. Consider carpeting the closet floor rather than a continuation of wood or tile to significantly cut costs.

Building a Walk in closet is a task any general contractor should be able to accomplish in a week, including the finishing work. The materials you choose will greatly effect the cost of labor when installing a closet. Metal studs in framing can increase productivity as well as cost-efficiency. Drywall applications take much more finishing work such as spackling and sanding before being painted. In addition, choosing to extend a tile or wooden floor can make the price increase dramatically. For a general contractor to build a closet in your house, expect to pay an average of just under a thousand dollars.

If you are very particular about the location of the closet you want to build, this can also increase costs. There are natural parts in the framing of most homes that contain unused space behind the finishing. Choosing to place a closet in one of these areas can decrease costs dramatically–it means much less raw construction and will significantly decrease labor costs. Via

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