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Commercial Flooring

Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete is an overlay system created as a whitewash for existing concrete surface areas. It replicates the appearance of natural stone, slate and granite in practical deep relief patterns over existing concrete surface areas removing the inconvenience and cost of concrete replacement.

Stamped Concrete is used at 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch over existing pieces and is in fact more powerful and more long lasting than concrete making it the ideal surface area for office and domestic use in applications varying from swimming pool outdoor patios, decks and driveways to hotel lobbies, shopping mall and retailers.

Whatever your application, Stamped Concrete can be colored and textured to match any design style or requirements providing you an unbelievably flexible flooring system that’s as long lasting as it is lovely.

Textured Concrete

Textured Concrete is long and long lasting enduring and produces an ideal conceal for unattractive, gray, stained or split concrete.Textured Concrete is likewise cool to the touch, making it the perfect emerging product for outside and indoor swimming pool and health spa locations. Upkeep is likewise simple; All you require are home cleaners, a garden and a broom hose. Textured Concrete  is a perfect option with the ever altering weather.

Textured Concrete overlay is one of the most expense reliable flooring option. This ornamental overlay system provides custom-made patterns and colors for numerous applications. Simulated tile and brick looks can likewise be produced for a portion of the expense of making use of natural products.


Change your existing concrete into a stylish and gorgeous surface area with Stamped Concrete or Textured Concrete consisting of swimming pool decks, driveways, patio areas, garages, office flooring and ornamental concrete items. .

Commercial flooring from Creative Edge Designs can make any space complete. From automobile showrooms to restaurants to offices, our flooring systems can function anywhere, including outside. Take a look at our commercial flooring gallery so you can see many of our finished products. If you have any questions or want more information about our commercial flooring options.

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