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5 Pro Tips for Garage Storage | Long Island | Nassau County | Suffolk County

Platinum-Elfa-Storage-from-the-Container-Store storage on Long Island is often at a premium: you’ve got to fit a whole cavalcade of items like beach chairs, recycling and trash bins, tools and workbenches and don’t forget about the car. I enlisted the help of three professional organizers Mary Hoff, Donna Jumper and Lisa Mark for their best garage storage tips.

1. Store toys in big bins.

“Containerizing balls can be as simple as throwing them into an old trash can or buying certain organizing products to hold particular balls in place so they are not getting lost,” says professional Organizer Donna Jumper.

2. Go up the wall to store bikes.

There are several products available to neatly and cheaply store bikes. Most using up-the-wall storage solutions. Bikes may be awkward, but luckily, they are narrow so if you can mount them on the wall, you’re really freeing up a ton of space.

3. Lock up cleaning products.

If you’re a household of one adult and no pets, it’s not that tricky, but if animals or kids are in the picture, things get a bit more serious. “You have to be very careful about where and how you store any types of cleaning items or chemicals,” says professional organizer Lisa Mark.

“Bottom-shelf storage which is locked works best for these types of items – bottom storage because an earthquake won’t cause things to fall and rupture, and locked to ensure children and pets can’t access items that would cause harm.”

4. Don’t store food in your garage.

“I don’t recommend that food be stored in the garage unless it’s in glass or metal, and sometimes even then it’s not a good idea,” says Mark.

“Plastic is heat sensitive and cardboard doesn’t hold up all that well to the elements or against animals that might gain access to the space, chew through the boxes, and leave a mess.”

Bottom Line: if you’re using your garage to store your bulk-buy food, you might be hoarding too much abundance clutter. Read more about How to Spot and Stop Abundance Clutter.

5. Containerize loose parts and small items.

“It is essential that you ‘containerize’ whatever you can to reduce loose parts and pieces on your newly organized garage shelves,” says pro Mary Hoff. “I really like the Sterilite containers with handles from Target. The eighteen quart size works for many things, and they are stackable – but don’t stack more than two high on any shelf.”

Hoff also reminds us of the important-but-often-forgotten step, “make sure you label them!”

I like to use plastic containers that are large enough to hold more than simply a pair of shoes, but small enough that I can still lift them off a high shelf. Also, think about purchasing clear containers rather than colored. This way you can visualize the contents without having to touch the container.

5 Pro Tips for Garage Storage Read more.

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